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Both models use the same moving parts to generate the load and create the rowing experience that is at the core of the product.  You will get the same great rowing workout from both models.

Workout data and scores achieved on each model are compatible and equally accurate.
Both models are easily separated into two pieces using the new framelock mechanism for easy handling and storage.
The Concept2 Indoor Rowers are industrial-grade pieces of equipment.
They have been designed to stand up to the intense use of Olympic Training Centers, or the 24-hour demand of a large fitness center as well as being perfectly suitable for home use.

If you are looking for the basic model, the D with PM4 is a great value.  It is our fourth generation of indoor rower since 1981. First introduced in 2003, the Model D is currently used by rowers of all ages and abilities in homes, schools and fitness centers around the world.

The Model E adds the following features:  At 50cm from the ground, the Model E is considerably easier to get on and off than the lower profile of the D. The E is also a good choice for use in public locations such as health clubs where the low profile of the D may make it less inviting. High use locations will benefit from the lower maintenance required of the nickel plated chain and the more resistant clear coat finish on the Model E.