About Concept 2 New Zealand

Concept2 New Zealand was founded in 1988 by Gary Reid. Gary – New Zealand’s single sculler in the 1984 Olympic Games – was rowing in the UK at the time and saw the growth in the UK market for rowing machines. Back in New Zealand, Gary ordered his first container of rowing machines soon after and have never looked back.

The only official supplier of the world’s best selling rowing machine in New Zealand, Concept2 has provided
Indoor Rowers for a number of people and organisations in cluding, the nation’s rowing clubs, gyms and health clubs, as well as a large and growing number of individual indoor rowing enthusiasts who choose to train at home to get healthy, stay healthy or get very fit!

Concept2 operates its business, supplying rowing machines and associated products from a showroom in Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty. And we’re always happy to see people, so if you want to try out the world famous Indoor Rower, or if you want to check out the range of carbon fibre Concept2 rowing blades, then just call in.

Our office hours are:
Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.00pm.

Concept 2 History

Concept2 began in 1976 in the back of a bread truck when Dick and Pete Dreissigacker, fresh from
Olympic training, started making composite racing oars. Concept2 oars have since gone on to become the
oar of choice among the world's rowers, and innovations continue right to the present-day.

In 1981, Dick and Pete created the Concept2 Indoor Rower, which swiftly became the best-selling rowing
machine in the world. Now several models later, it’s used every day by Olympic athletes, cardiac rehab
patients, individuals at home and every calibre of rower in-between.

We've grown since those early days and our product line now includes oars, the indoor rower and the
SkiErg. Though we’re much larger, we remain dedicated to our philosophy of providing the most
innovative products and programmes to our customers. By selling direct, Concept2 eliminates the
middleman so that we can provide our customers with the best value.

Rowing is our reason for being, and every machine and oar we produce comes from a background of over
thirty-five years of excellence. Our primary goal is to promote and encourage the growth of rowing, both indoors and outdoors. We believe that rowing is a lifelong activity, accessible to all.