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Shawn Ramirez, USA, Crossfit Masters Athlete

My name is Shawn Ramirez and I am a CrossFit Games 40-44 Masters Competitor. I wanted tofirst, Thank You for putting out the absolute BEST product that enabled meto keep my endurance and met-con up without putting stress onmy joints and ankle in particular. In 1999, I sustained a devastating blow tomy calcaneus inan accident in Europe, which left meunable to walk. The Doctors in Spain, woke meup with a prognosis that I possibly wouldn't be able to ever walk again. This gave me a surge ofwill and power that motivated me beyond measure. Within just 3 months of intense therapy, I was back onmy feet, ready to take on the world. Fast forward several years later, to the 2014 CrossFit Games, and I was able to "walk" off the podium, crowned as "The Fittest Man on Earth." I'm writing this letter to Thank You from the bottom ofmy heart for producing a product that allowed meto overcome this tragedy, enabling meto avoid compound pressure onmy heel, which led meto become the CF Games World Champion! Keep doing what you do, truly making a difference in many lives!

Eric Murray, NZL, Professional Athlete/ Rower

The Dynamic is a great tool to feel how a boat moves. It doesn’t have the draw you get from the chain on the standard model and therefore you ‘have to’ create a momentum and flow to your stroke similar to that of rowing a single. There is a small amount of elasticity in the machine but you have to keep your hands moving etc like you do when you row on the water. You also have to have a ‘hang’tobe able to drive your legs and have a natural body open through the stroke. A constant rhythm will allow you tobe efficient and sustain and good training pace. I personally feel that I have been able to adjust my technique on the Dynamic to that of what we are trying to achieve on the water. Ithas helped a lot with being able to work on what I perceive tobe the best way of moving a boat outon the water. My advice is: don’t be afraid of it! People can be reluctant to change, but change can also be a good thing. Persevere with it, as your numbers may be a little lower to start with, but the more you use it and get the feel ofhow you should be rowing it, the better your numbers will be. The feel is a lot different and if you do a period on the Dynamic and then switch to the standard, you will notice a HUGE difference in what is happening with the way you ‘have’to row the machines. I'd recommend the Dynamic Indoor Rower to anyone who wants to progress their technical ability. Itis a great machine and a great step forward into a more technical specific boat feel machine. Anyone willbe able to use the machine, but will they be able to use itto the best of their potential! That is what people need to ask themselves and then train, train, train, to achieve it!

Piha Surf Lifesaving Club, NZL 

Piha SLSC Boaties have used the Concept 2 rowers now for the past decade. Many things go into developing a Champion team of boat crews, many hours of dedication and training sweat, if I had to single out in key piece of apparatus that has made a big difference it would be the concept 2 rower. No hiding places on these babies... you can gauge the steady improvement if you’re doing the work and weed out the imposters who don’t. The multiple training strategies that we imply across the Concept 2 tests & training rows is vast and differing, it’s like all sports where winning is the ultimate objective – you do the work and the results will come. One of the best things with the concept 2 is rowing can be such a differing sport, Wind, tides, water depth can all effect the boats movement, having a gauged apparatus like the concept 2 gives the competitors’ something to gauge their fitness / power / strength by that is always an even spread.  We couldn’t have won without them.

"In 2006 I lost my leg in an accident while serving in the NZ Army. During my recovery from the accident I discovered the Concept2 rowing machine. The rowing machine has been a huge part of my journey as well as my training for the Invictus Games...Rowing for long distances has been a struggle this year, with a long history hip flexor issues since my accident it’s been a challenge to extend on the drive. Lucky for me the Invictus Games Rowing events are just a 1 minute and 4 minute row. Having the rowing machine at home has given me the advantage of knowing my race. The goal is to race your own race and if you do well anything can happen."


"The Concept 2 indoor rower has been an awesome addition to my training for motocross over the past year. It has helped with whole body strength asitis a full body work out. I replace the standard bars with motorbike handle bars to replicate riding a motorbike as much as possible tohelp use the muscles I use when riding my bike. I highly recommend a Concept 2 indoor rower tonot just all motocross riders but to anyone that is looking for a full body work out."