Model D

Model D Indoor Rower

Model D

Manufacture Dates

July 2003–Present

Updated in August 2006 with the following features:

·         Modified monorail artwork

·         Redesigned foot stretchers

·         Updated frame lock mechanism

Main Characteristics

  • Color:
  • Handle: Ergonomic handle featuring a 10 degree bend
  • Flywheel Housing: Damper setting numbers molded into the flywheel cover

Serial Number Location

Prior to October 17, 2005

The label is located between the V of the flywheel support legs, on the bottom side of the rower. The serial number represents the date the rower was boxed (mm/dd/yy). An example Model D serial number from this time frame is 082205/1.

October 17, 2005 to Present

Located between the V of the flywheel support legs, the label is located on the left side of the flywheel housing. See illustration.

serial number D

The serial number contains three groups of numbers separated by dashes; the first group of numbers represents the date the unit was boxed. When asked for the serial number of your indoor rower, this is the number to use.