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PM5 Firmware Overview

Firmware is the computer program embedded in and running your PM5. We recommend running the most current firmware available:
  • Indoor rowers—Version 22 (released May 2016)
  • SkiErgs—Version 722 (released May 2016)
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Updating Firmware or Installing Beta Firmware
To update the firmware in your PM5, you need a computer, the free Concept2 Utility software and either a USB flash drive or USB cable. Before upgrading: After downloading and installing the Concept2 Utility, follow one of the procedures below.
Note: When updating from version 12 and earlier (indoor rowers) or version 712 or earlier (SkiErgs), follow the USB Cable procedure.
Updating Firmware with a USB Flash Drive
Updating Firmware with a USB Cable


Concept2 Utility 7.02.17

.exe format
20 MB
.dmg format
14 MB


  • If you have workouts in PM Memory, we recommend transferring those workouts to a USB flash drive before updating your firmware.
  • Do not perform firmware updates using any form of "virtualization" software. This includes products such as VirtualPC, Parallels, VirtualBox, and VMWare.
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  • Please report problems and feedback regarding the current versions of PM5 Firmware to