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Rowing Regularly

The first few workouts have introduced you to a variety of workout types. The possibilities are endless. You can repeat these same workouts, or develop new ones of your own. Or you may develop favorites that you like to do over and over. You should choose your workouts based on your goals.


Maintain a variety of workouts that you enjoy. Definitely keep track of your progress by keeping a log. Log in to our Online Ranking for additional motivation.


The harder and longer you row, the more calories you burn. However, if you row too hard, you won’t be able to row very long. So for calorie burn, focus on longer workouts, pacing yourself so that you can get through them. Use the approximate calorie display on the performance monitor to track your calories burned. See more on Weight Control.


Use a variety of workouts to keep pushing your limits both in terms of the maximum pace you can maintain and your overall endurance. For example, if you want to improve your 30 minute score, do some interval workouts where you row faster than your 30-minute pace; but also do some 10k or 45 minute rows at slower than 30 minute pace to build endurance. Then come back to the 30 minute piece every couple weeks to check your progress. See more on Training for Competition.


We all need a little help getting motivated now and then. The Concept2 Million Meter Club can help you stick to your exercise plan. The awards are based on distance not speed, so it doesn’t matter how fast you row! The goal is to make it fun and rewarding to row regularly and for as long as you can each session. Stick with it and you will see results in terms of your total meters rowed – and more importantly in your fitness! See more on the Concept2 Million Meter Club.