Evaluate Your Progress


If you are not making progress toward your goals, you may need to modify your program. Here are some possible scenarios and steps you can take:

You may be training too hard:

If you are tired and your performance improved for a while, then stagnated or got worse, you may actually be training too hard. Be sure that you are taking at least one rest day per week, and another day or two that are fairly easy.

You may not be rowing hard enough when you row:

If you always row by yourself and have not done much or any hard rowing in the past, it may take you a while to learn how to push yourself. Workouts consisting of short intervals can be a good way to push up the intensity. It can also help to row with someone else.

Your program may not be right for you:

Every body is different and it is sometimes difficult to set up a training program entirely by yourself. It may be helpful to discuss your training with a coach or fellow athlete if you have access to someone like this. Try a local health club or rowing club.

Your technique may not be good:

Technique is the most important factor when using the rowing machine. If you get your technique right you’ll be efficient, produce better results and avoid potential injuries. Technique information is available online, and the PM3 and PM4 monitors are equipped with Technique Animation which is a good way to learn correct technique. Technique DVD’s are also available and are included with each indoor rower purchased. To check your technique try rowing infront of a mirror or have some one watch you.