Christmas Holiday Training Program

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Today's special Christmas workout is brought to you via video, with the ever-so golden Eric Murray! 


Haven't got our Christmas Holiday Training Schedule? It's not too late!
Read on for more details, and tips for training over the holidays!

Get The Most Out Of Your Training Over the Christmas Break,
With These Tips From Rowing Legend Eric Murray!

christmas training pic

It's that time of year again; exams are over, training has picked up, and you're just starting to see improvements from all your hard work, when all of a sudden it's holiday time and everything stops! How do you keep making the gains towards your Maadi goals over the break...?

With Training of Course!

What better way to keep the progress ticking than with a training program based around the Concept2 Indoor Rower! 
If you were wondering where such a thing would exist, you have come to the right place!
Our experts have crafted a training schedule to boost your holiday, with specific training sessions delivered direct to your inbox, along with training tips, technique advice, and motivation from our special christmas guest!

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