Buy Rowing Machines for Sale for Your Indoor Home Gym Training to Optimise Your Workout

It’s a well-known fact that rowing is one of the best exercises that you can perform to stay healthy. It has several advantages over other forms of cardio that make it excellent for long term health and avoiding injury. Because it only requires a single machine, rowing machines in NZ are a fantastic investment for staying fit.

Concept2 rowing machines for sale are also a cut above the competition. The quality of construction, aesthetic, and functional design combine to make them the number one machine used by professional rowing teams during their training. When you consider the benefits to Concept2 rowing machines, the choice is clear.

How Can Rowing Machines Over Other Gym Machines Keep Me in Great Shape?

Rowing machines let you perform a simple exercise that is profoundly healthy, yet easy on your body. These are some advantages that indoor rowing training gives you over other forms of exercise:

  • Low Impact Cardio – Unlike weight training, rowing lets you develop your cardiovascular endurance and health. Unlike a treadmill, there’s no repetitive impact on your joints. Throughout years, jogging and running can accumulate damage that will affect your knees. Avoid that risk by choosing to row for your primary cardio exercise instead.
  • Full Body Exercise – Rowing, like swimming, involves every muscle group, making it an unusually effective form of exercise, as you don’t target one group to excess, but instead provide a well-rounded form of exercise. Unlike swimming, however, you don’t need access to a pool – this means that it’s far better suited to home exercise and is much less expensive in the long run.
  • Well-Balanced Exercise – By working every muscle group while engaging your heart and lungs for an excellent cardiovascular workout, rowing proves to be a nearly perfect exercise. By doing it all with this one exercise, you can then customise your workout merely to provide extra attention to those muscle groups that you’d like to develop more fully.

Look to our stock of Concept2 machines so that you can buy your rowing machine in NZ and have it shipped directly to you.

What Sets Concept2 Rowing Machines Apart?

Our machines have 40 years of development and excellence behind them. Over time, professional rowing teams around the world have found that we provide the right blend of high-quality materials, long-lasting performance, and a warranty that protects your investment for years.

Our air resistance indoor rowing machines, or “ergometers”, are our most popular option. Made with the best materials and sold at the right price, you’ll get years of use out of one of these machines. They are designed for a natural, safe workout and are widely considered to be the best rowing machines on the market.

Contact us today to answer any questions you have on machine specifications and warranty coverage. Our team is ready to help and will happily provide any assistance you need, whether you are just starting to row or have been rowing for years.