Where to Buy World-Class Commercial Gym Equipment in NZ

Do you want to make your gym just as appealing to professional athletes as beginners? We supply a broad range of commercial gym equipment to NZ businesses as well as homeowners, and our machines contend for the title of world’s best. We cover parts with five-year warranties and frames with two-year warranties, though you can expect them to last a lifetime.

Our range of commercial gym equipment in NZ includes:

  • Concept2 Indoor Rowers

Our indoor rowers are used by athletes and industry professionals due to their superior build-quality and realistic action.

  • SkiErg Ski Training Machines

Perfect your technique and build strength in time for skiing season using our SkiErg ski machines. We have wall-mounted, and floor stand models available, ensuring we have something that’s suitable for your gym or home.

  • BikeErg Equipment

Enjoy all the fun and health benefits of cycling with our indoor Concept2 BikeErg training bikes.

Most of our machines feature a monitor which displays heart rate, strokes per minute, distance travelled, calories burned and more, adding a fun and competitive element to a healthy exercise. They’re also ideal for cross training because they work all your core muscle groups and improve your stamina and endurance.

Order Your Commercial Gym Equipment in NZ Today

We’re happy to discuss the features and benefits of our professional exercise machines over the phone or by email, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. We can also fix our Concept2 equipment using OEM parts, so whether you need a new machine or a few minor repairs, call us on 0800 769 464.