How the Concept 2 Rower Model B and Other Ergometers (Ergs) Can Help You Establish a Safe, Dynamic and Effective Workout Routine

Getting a fantastic workout every single day is easier said than done. If your preferred workout routine relies on good weather, you could be out of luck on rainy days or during scorching hot summer afternoons. If your preferred workout is a trip to the gym, meanwhile, then you must find enough time in your busy schedule to commute to the gym, change your clothes, warm up, work out, cool down, shower, and then get back to the rest of your daily routine. Even if you have a home gym, your equipment might not provide the type of dynamic, full body workout you really need. Luckily, the Concept 2 Rower Model B machine—and other rowing machines from the Concept 2 brand—can help you accomplish more with your daily workout.

Why You Need a Concept 2 Rowing Machine

In case you aren’t familiar, Concept 2 is a brand known around the world for designing and manufacturing incredibly high quality ergometers, or ergs. Ergs are resistance based indoor rowing machines. They come in a variety of designs, from traditional rowing machine setups to more experimental models like the SkiErg (which translates the rowing motion and workout into a standing position) or the BikeErg (a hybrid between an exercise bike and a rowing machine). Across the board, though, Concept 2’s rowing erg models pack full body workouts into a single exercise machine. You can’t say the same thing for a treadmill or a traditional exercise bike.

The other fantastic thing about Concept 2’s ergs for rowing is how safe they are. Ergometers are so named because they are incredibly ergonomic. Ergonomics, of course, is the term used to describe products or processes that are designed to maximise efficiency and comfort and minimise strain or injury risk. Concept 2 indoor rowers are designed to provide demanding and rewarding workouts, but they are also crafted with a goal of not overstraining any one muscle group. Concept 2 machines, in other words, carry minimal risk of mid-workout injury.

Finally, each Concept 2 rowing machine has been built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. While you are using the machine, a monitor will be tracking your entire workout. This monitor will provide constant updates on how much distance you have covered, how many strokes you are making per minute, how many calories you’ve burned and what your heart rate is. This monitor makes it easy to track both the intensity of your workout and the progress you are making in your fitness.

Purchase Your Concept 2 Machine Today

Are you interested in an erg rower from Concept 2? You aren’t alone. Around the globe, professional rowers and national rowing machines rely on Concept 2 machines for training and testing. Whether you are a beginner interested in rowing because of its dynamism or a veteran rower trying to stay on top of your training, Concept 2 can help. As Concept 2’s New Zealand distributor, we can help you choose the right machine to match your needs. Contact us today to learn more.