Try an Erg Machine Workout for Maximum Results

Shopping for workout equipment that offers maximum benefits should begin with an erg machine. Employing the use of a flywheel, Concept 2 erg machines offer rigorous workouts for any fitness level. An adjustable damper allows as much resistance as you prefer for your training needs.

Our rowing machines maintain a low profile and can be separated into two pieces for easy storage. The adjustable footrests allow for quick and easy sizing. The ergonomic handle has a 10-degree bend for natural arm and hand positions while the nickel-plated chain needs minimal maintenance, and the stainless-steel track ensures a smooth movement for your erg machine workout.

Our SkiErg cross-country training device can be wall mounted or used with a floor stand. The lightweight high-strength cords are stronger than steel. As with the rowing machines, the SkiErg separates into two pieces for easy storage. The strapless handles are ergonomically designed to fit any hand size, and they stay dry for a firm grip during your erg machine workout.

The BikeErg takes cycle training to another level. Adjust the damper for a more intense ride and utilise the adjustable saddle and handlebars to ensure proper posture for maximum comfort. Instead of a chain, the BikeErg uses polygroove belts for a quiet ride and minimal maintenance.

All our erg workout machines come with the PM5 performance monitor to track progress, and the Bluetooth capability allows you to access the Concept 2 Online Logbook. Train with athletes around the world from the comfort of your home. Contact us for more information on our erg machine workouts for an enhanced training experience.