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Are You Looking for an Indoor Commercial Rowing Machine in Wellington?

If you are in search of an indoor commercial rowing machine in Wellington, Concept2 is the store for you. Our machines are used by Olympic athletes and are engineered to last a lifetime.

Your Options for an Indoor Commercial Rowing Machine in Wellington

We offer various options for an indoor commercial rowing machine in Wellington so you can choose the perfect rowers for your needs and fitness offerings. Each model comes with a PM5 monitor.

  • The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower is so reliable that it has become one of the best-selling indoor rowers worldwide. This machine is known by competitive rowers as the indoor training standard. Provide an effective cardio workout at a fraction of the cost of other equipment.
  • The Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rower offers you the closest feeling to rowing on water possible as it was created to meet the training needs of rowing professionals. The footrest of the Dynamic moves freely, meaning minimal body mass movement during each stroke. This machine requires the same level of concentration and control as rowing a boat.

Why Choose Concept2

Aesthetically, all our machines are beautiful—our Model E has been referred to as the luxury machine of the rowing world. They will all provide an unparalleled full-body workout for a fraction of the cost of other equipment with comparable benefits. Investing in rowers give you the advantage of delivering workouts that can conform to each user’s schedule. We value an efficient design strategy, and our machines can take the punishment of intense workouts and training every single day.

Contact us today to buy your indoor commercial rowing machine in Wellington.

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