The Benefits of a PM5 Heart Rate Monitor from Concept2

The Performance Monitor 5 is our best monitor yet: sophisticated and easy to use, it provides reliable data that can take your training to the next level.

What is a PM5 Heart Rate Monitor?

The PM5 Heart Rate Monitor is an easy to use but sturdy platform for heart rate monitoring that supports ANT+ as well as Bluetooth Smart to make tracking and monitoring even easier. To use ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart, add a chest belt that supports either technology. By using these platforms, you can make your workouts and training far easier.

Benefits of Using a Heart Rate Monitor

Here are a few benefits of using a heart rate monitor while you work out.

  • Direct measurement of your heart rate during exercise can be a powerful tool to maximise your training. It makes it possible to train at your ideal pace and intensity and better understand what your ideal pace is to achieve your fitness goals comfortably and safely.
  • The PM5 heart rate monitor displays heart rate data in real time as you exercise so you can view your progress as you go—or you can view it later to analyse your workout.
  • A heart rate monitor can be an excellent tool to give you a clear indication of the state of your cardiovascular system during a workout. This information can be helpful to you and your coach or even your doctor when you get a checkup.

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