Commercial Resistance Spin Bike In NZ

Concept 2 - Bike Erg


Take Your Professional Training and Exercise Equipment to the Next Level with Our Commercial Resistance Spin Bike in NZ

At Concept2 we know that when your gym members are training or working out, you want them to be able to push themselves without concern about the quality of your exercise machines. Our commercial exercise bike allows your members to push themselves to the limits and ensure that they get the workout they deserve. If you want to guarantee lower body strengthening, you need a professional exercise bike for your NZ fitness centre.

Our commercial spin bike is designed to ensure a smooth, quiet ride that responds dutifully to the rider’s efforts. With features that allow adjusting the feel of the ride, you can assist your members to tailor each training session to match whatever workout routine they have planned.

Each commercial resistance bike comes with an advanced display monitor that provides instantaneous workout feedback. This helps the riders to keep track of progress while they give it their all. The displays come with a wide assortment of monitors and workout programs to select. The display monitor is also designed to record the times and distances of others who use this commercial resistance bike to enable tracking and comparison of workout data.

We source our professional exercise bike for NZ athletes from a company with over 40 years’ experience of making innovative, high-quality commercial exercise bikes. Whatever type of indoor cycling workout your members prefer, the Concept2 BikeErg is the machine for your gym. We provide only the highest grade exercise bikes to our customers to ensure maximum workout effort on equipment that can handle the pressure from multiple users.



Benefits of a Professional Exercise Bike in NZ for your Fitness Centre

When you own a gym, you require a commercial training bike in NZ, that provides control over several workout routines. Your members should have a selection of options to work out according to their preferences. Gym members have different goals whether it be improved fitness or gaining an edge for their next race, these stationary bikes will undoubtedly provide that needed boost for cardio and lower body workout routines.

If you want more convenience for your member’s exercise regimens why not consider the Concept2 BikeErg? You want them to enjoy their training on reliable machinery that can handle intense use, and enables them to work on those lower body muscle groups.

Owning a gym membership can be costly, especially when life becomes busy and going to the gym becomes a chore. A commercial grade Spin Bike, for example, will undoubtedly be an incentive to draw more members to your facility. Additionally, you will enjoy the confidence you have in your equipment and reap the benefits too.

If you want a commercial spin bike for your gym, then Concept2 is the store you have been searching for - contact us today to take your facility to the next level.