How an Upright Rowing Machine in NZ Provides a Safe and Low Impact Workout

Safety is a priority whenever you work out. Damaging or injuring your body during exercise can throw a wrench in both your fitness plans and your day-to-day mobility. Ensuring that your equipment is safe and ready to use is the first step in preventing injuries while working out. Make sure everything you use is up to the highest standards; your body and exercise routine deserve no less.

Our upright rowing machine for NZ workout enthusiasts provide a low impact, full body workout that uses every major muscle group–all from the comfort of your own home. Our rowing machines can be placed anywhere so you can truly enjoy your workout. Place it in the lounge and watch the morning news or position it in front of a window and enjoy your outside view while doing your routine.

Our indoor rowers are designed to give you a smooth and safe workout that doesn’t overstrain specific muscles or cause injury. We put our customers’ safety and health first when providing them with our high-quality exercise equipment options.

Buy or Hire

At Concept2, we know not everyone can buy an upright rowing machine in NZ as soon as they realize the equipment’s benefits. It is for this reason that we offer the option of renting a rowing machine. If you want a rowing machine in your home but don't have the means to buy one right now, then hiring a quality machine is the option you need.

Contact us today and finally make the leap to a quality upright rowing machine in NZ for your home.