5 Fitness Barriers Busted!

Written by L Lassche on October 17th, 2017.

What’s stopping you from reaching your fitness goals? We break down five common fitness barriers to help you get back on track!

#1: I’m Too Tired

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With a busy lifestyle, demanding job, or kids to look after (or all of the above!) it can start to feel like a marathon just to get through the day. Feeling too tired to exercise is a barrier we all confront at some point, and there isn’t just one solution to this problem. The first thing to remember when this feeling strikes is that regular exercise actually improves stamina, and reduces stress. By insisting upon even a small amount of exercise when you get that tired feeling, you will be ensuring yourself against being faced with the ‘too tired’ situation on a regular basis. Another way to overcome this particular barrier is to identify when you are most likely to feel good about exercising. Are you a morning person? Would you prefer to squeeze a workout into your lunch break? Or are you better off exercising at the end of the day? Try different times of the day to figure out what suits you- you might find you exercise more consistently by planning workouts at different times on different days.

#2: Exercise Is Boring

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Not everyone gets excited about the prospect of exercising, and that’s ok. But if this notion is a barrier between you and your fitness goals, there are ways to shake things up. First option is to try something new- maybe you have seen a new class at the gym you thought looked interesting, or perhaps you would rather exercise outdoors at the beach, the park or at home? Look around at the options you have available to you and mix things up to avoid becoming stale and monotonous. If you have a Concept2 Indoor Rower at home or in your gym, you can diversify your work out by connecting your monitor to apps like LIVEROWING, which enable you to connect with other users for competition or company, and analyze your workout. You can also find motivation on the training tab on our website, including new workouts and goals.

#3: Exercise Hurts

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It hurts. It's true, exercise can be uncomfortable at times. While the pain of physical exertion can be exhilarating and satisfying, if the pain is repetitive and present regardless of intensity it can be, understandably, a major barrier to your will to exercise. One cause on unnecessary pain occurring during exercise is impact stress. High impact exercise such as running, skipping, jumping or aerobics add stress on your body as your muscles and joints must contend with the effects of gravity on your body weight. This can lead to stress on the bones, joints and muscles, that can make you feel stiff and sore. It is normal to feel a little sore after trying high-impact exercise options for the first time, while your body adjusts to the challenge, but if this discomfort persists it is time to try a different option. The Concept2 Indoor Rower, and SkiErg are both low-impact workout options that enable strength and endurance workouts, giving you the option to develop your fitness without the stress and discomfort of impact. For more information on the differences between High and Low impact workouts, see our other blog post: High or Low-Impact Exercise: What These Terms Mean For You and Your Body.

#4: It Didn’t Stick Last Time

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You have tried before and it didn’t hold up. Chances are there are other barriers, possibly even on this list, that contributed to why it didn’t work out last time. Take a good look at why you have been unsuccessful in the past and make some changes that address the barriers that stood in your way. Perhaps try something you haven’t tried before, or encourage a friend to workout with you. By taking a fresh approach to exercise, you are able to invoke learnings from past mistakes, ensuring your new routine is more likely to be successful than the last. If you are concerned about long-term motivation for working-out, make sure your plan is achievable. Schedule your exercise for the most convenient time in your day, and aim to start with 20mins of exercise, four days per week. As you progress, look to extend your workouts to 30mins and add in an extra day if that is achievable for you. Remember, there are many ways to exercise, and making it work is about finding out which are right for you.

#5: Short On Time

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There’s just too much going on to fit it in! Things are hectic at work, the kid’s need to be trucked around to after school activities, or the family needs you at home. Life finds a way of interrupting even the most regimented exercise schedules, which is why it is important to identify work out options closer to home. Having a Concept2 Indoor Rower or SkiErg in your home makes it easy to squeeze a 30min session in while the dinner is in the oven, or the kids are doing their homework. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is proven to be equally effective over 30mins as a low intensity session over 60mins, meaning you can get a complete and fulfilling workout at home in half the time you might normally spend at the gym. Having a home work-out option means you always have a way of including a workout of even the busiest of days, at a time that suits you. Concept2 Indoor Rowers are available for Purchase or Hire, offering you a comprehensive workout machine in your home within your budget.

By identifying and busting your fitness barriers, you can get back on the road to fitness and wellness with an improved exercise routine to suit your lifestyle!

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