RowErg Comparison; Standard & Tall Legs

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What is the difference between the RowErg; standard & tall legs?

We get asked this question a lot so let us clarify what the differences are. 
The RowErg comes with the latest PM5 Monitor, nickel-plated chain, powder coat finish, power generator and seat rollers. Visually the legs are what differentiate these two machines but both hold a maximum weight of 220kgs- making them just as robust as one another. They both come with the same warranty (2-Year all Parts, 5-Year Frame Parts)

The RowErg with tall legs is a great machine for those who have limited mobility or flexibility because of its height. Other than that, you will get the same great rowing workout on either machine. 
Currently, the RowErg with standard legs is installed at NZ Rowing for all of our Olympic NZ Rowers to train on. 

Here are the differences between the Model D & Model E: 
Seat Height (From Ground)  36cm 51cm
Chain Housing Partially Enclosed Partially Enclosed
Support Legs Aluminium front legs, steel rear legs Welded steel front & rear legs
Monitor Arm ABS Plastic, pivots for storage ABS Plastic, pivots for storage
Weight 26kgs 29kgs
Shipping Dimensions One Box;
38cm x 55cm x 142cm 
Two Boxes; 33cm x 66cm x 71cm,
38cm x 55cm x 142cm
Shipping Weight 32kgs 46kgs