5 Sports That You Can Improve by Cross-Training on the SkiErg

Written by L Lassche on November 6th, 2017.

The SkiErg was developed as a summer training tool for one of the toughest sports on the planet- Cross Country Skiing. The skiing motion mirrored on the SkiErg, is an excellent test of endurance and all-over body strength, and can be manipulated to value various different styles of exercise. This makes the SkiErg the ultimate cross-training machine, benefitting a wide range of different athletes. We take a look at five (of many!) different sports that can benefit from cross training on the SkiErg…

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

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It may not seem like it, but Skiing and Stand Up Paddle boarding have a lot in common! Both rely on planting the pole or paddle, and levering off it to generate forward momentum. In doing so, the lats, arms, core and glutes are all recruited in a repetitive motion, working the cardiovascular system while strengthening the muscles. Working out on the SkiErg when the weather is against you, or as a convenient training option on busy days, is the perfect off-water alternative to keep fit for your SUP, whether your looking to race or maintain fitness for your favorite hobby.


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The benefits of balanced strength and muscular endurance in sailing are extolled by much of the sailing fraternity, particularly in small boat racing. The strength and balance required to react to the movement of the boat, and hike/stack out when the wind calls for it can demand a lot from the body over the course of a regatta, in a uniquely variable way. The comprehensive inclusivity of muscle groups in a SkiErg workout, including key muscles- the biceps, triceps, lats, core and glutes; makes it the perfect exercise option for sailors who want to boost their on-water performance, without spending hours in the gym.


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Muscular endurance in a game of Rugby can mean the difference between playing your best for the full 80mins and struggling to last the match. Using the SkiErg for aerobic strength and conditioning of the glutes, core and arms, is an efficient way of taking care of the main muscle groups that will see you through game. Add to that the low-impact nature of the exercise, allowing you to spare tight and bruised muscles from unnecessary impact, along with the flexibility to isolate limbs in the case of injuries; and you’ve got a must-have machine for every club workout room.


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Whether you’re a racer, whitewater thrill-seeker, or into flatwater touring; you are going to need a strong core, arms and lateral shoulder muscles to be your best in the boat. The SkiErg targets these muscle groups, with variable resistance on the damper allowing you to increase resistance as you get stronger. Single leg stepping exercises, and alternate arm variations also enable you to exercise coordination or address specific muscle imbalances. The cardiovascular element of a SkiErg workout is also a useful benefit for longer-distance paddlers, while the added activation of the glutes helps you avoid the pitfall of missing leg day!



In CrossFit, you have got to be ready for anything. As well as being included in WOD’s as a challenge in its own right, the SkiErg also has what you need to train functional strength across a wide range of potential CrossFit movements including pull ups, muscle ups, and squats. The comprehensive use of muscle groups and variation of intensity gives you the platform you need to start to build balanced, full-body strength. Combined this with the cardio element a SkiErg workout provides, you have a machine that can prepare for the endurance based activities without compromising your hard-earned strength and muscle mass.

Due to the wide range of muscles and systems that are engaged during a SkiErg workout, this machine is a go-to for cross-training in many different sports, snow or no snow! 

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