Cleaning your Concept2 Equipment

Written by Concept2 NZ on April 2nd, 2020.

Safely Clean your Concept2 Equipment

Here is how Concept2 suggest cleaning your RowErg (Indoor Rower), BikeErg, SkiErg and Concept2 Oars. Even if you have your own machine, ensuring you clean it on a regular basis is a good habit to get into; for the care of equipment and for others that are using the equipment also. 

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RowErg, BikeErg & SkiErg: 

(Please read all instructions before cleaning)

General: Dilute 1/4 Cup Standard Household Bleach with 3.8 Litres of Water to clean the rowing machine. Wipe off excess with a cloth or if possible a damp (water) paper towel. 
Clean before and after every row, ride or ski. Be mindful to clean all surfaces you touch like the grips, handlebars etc. 

Monitors: DO NOT spray electronics directly! Wipe them with a damp cloth. Too much bleach can corrode electronics.

Monorail: Wipe the monorail with a cloth. You can use soap and water or a glass cleaner. DO NOT use the bleach solution, mineral acids and coarse abrasives on the monorail. 

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Oars & Sculls

(Please read all instructions before cleaning)

General: Dilute 125ml Standard Household Bleach with 10 Litres of Water and clean grips on a regular basis.

Rubber Grips & Wooden Handles: Scrub the grips with a nylon brush (the type for cleaning veggies and fingernails) with the diluted solution of bleach and water. DO NOT soak. Since well with fresh water.

Microfibre Suede Grips: Gently scrub the grips with a soft bristled nylon brush and the diluted solution of bleach and water (Approximately 10 parts water to 1 part bleach). Scrubbing aggressively will damage the grip surface finish. DO NOT coach grips in solution. Rinse grips well with fresh water.