STARTING SOON: NZ's Sunday A-Finals at the World Rowing Champs (Monday NZT)

Written by L Lassche on October 1st, 2017.

Here's what we're looking at for the final day of racing at the 2017 World Rowing Championships!
Women's Double Sculls

NZ: Olivia Loe, Brooke Donoghue

NZ A Final time: 3.27am Monday 2nd October

Semifinal 1: USA, LTU, FRA Semifinal 2: NZL, AUS, CHN

Lane Draw (1-6): CHN, AUS, NZL, USA, LTU, FRA

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Men's Double Sculls

NZ: Chris Harris, John Storey

NZ A Final time: 3.42am Monday 2nd October

Semifinal 1: POL, NOR, ITA Semifinal 2: FRA, NZL, LTU

Lane Draw (1-6): ITA, NOR, FRA, POL, NZL, LTU

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Men's Eight

Stephen Jones, Brook Robertson, Michael Brake, Shaun Kirkham, Isaac Grainger, Paddy McInnes, Drikus Conradie, James Lassche, Caleb Sheppard (cox).

NZ A Final time: 4.12am Monday 2nd October

Heat 1: ITA Heat 2: GER
Repechage 1: NED, ROU Repechage 2: USA, NZL

Lane Draw (1-6): ROU, NED, ITA, GER, USA, NZL

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Men's Single Sculls

NZ: Robbie Manson

NZ A final time: 4.27am Monday 2nd October

Semifinal 1: CZE, CUB, NZL Semifinal 2: GBR, CRO, GER

Lane Draw (1-6): GER, CRO, CZE, GBR, CUB, NZL

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Women's Eight

NZ: Emma Dyke, Lucy Spoors, Rebecca Scown, Kelsi Walters, Kelsey Bevan, Georgia Perry, Ruby Tew, Ashlee Rowe, Sam Bosworth (cox)

NZ A final time: 4.42am Monday 2nd October

Heat 1: NZL Heat 2: ROU

Repechage: CAN, USA, GBR, NED

Lane Draw (1-6): NED, USA, NZL, ROU, CAN, GBR

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Finals will be broadcast live on SkySport 1 starting from 2.50am
Additional coverage is available on the World Rowing website: