Top 3 Favourite Workout Games: Enhance Your Indoor Rower or SkiErg Workouts With PM5 Games!

Written by Concept2 NZ on May 15th, 2018.

The PM5 monitor is Concept2’s most advanced data monitor and features on all new Indoor Rower, SkiErg and BikeErg machines. The PM5 is well known for its variety of technical and accurate data measurements, as well as real time workout feedback. Although the PM5 is equipped with high-tech, scientific monitoring that can help you get the best out of your workout, it was also designed with your workout enjoyment in mind. The PM5 comes with a ‘games’ option, offering fun ways to exercise to help keep you motivated. Here we run through our top 3 favourite games on the PM5 and explain how you can enjoy them too!

The Fish Game

                    The fish game is a fun way to get started on your workout, give it a try as a warm up in your next workout

Top of the list when you open the ‘games’ option on your PM5 home screen is the Fish Game, which also happens to be one of our favourites. Featuring gaping-mouthed fish (bound to induce nostalgia for the old magnetic wind up fishing games) you begin the fish game as a medium sized fish down the left-hand side of the screen, with your points and a countdown from 4mins recorded at the top of the screen. The aim of the fish game is to eat the smaller fish to earn points, whilst avoiding being eaten by the larger fish which will subtract points. To position your fish-avatar in the right place to either eat or avoid predation, you must row at varying intensities, with the drive of each stroke allowing you to move up or down. The mental stimulation of maneuvering around the fish is a fun way to clock up minutes on the Indoor Rower or SkiErg without even thinking about it. The variations in intensity that the game requires also provides a dynamic, variable workout that will stimulate all major muscle groups as well as your cardio system. You can also use the fish game as an entertaining warm up before beginning intervals or a distance session, or even as a friendly competition amongst friends. Next time you find yourself struggling to find the motivation for a session give the fish game a go and have some fun to help get you in the mood for a workout.

The Darts Game

DARTSGAME-959The darts game requires awareness of technique and stroke rate, especially the relationship between the drive and recovery.

The darts game on the PM5 monitor is similar to the fish game in that it involves adjusting your stroke intensity, stroke rate, and length to maneuver. Much like real life darts, the aim of the game is to get your darts as close to the bullseye on the target as possible. Your progress is tracked through the game with a moving line the moves along the top of your screen. Adjust your stroke to allow the line to drop (on the recovery) over the bullseye, before spiking back up again (on the drive). The turning point of the line marks the transition between the drive and the recovery of your stroke, which dictates where your dart will be placed on the bullseye. In doing so, the darts game requires a high level of concentration and awareness of your technique- especially the relationship between the drive and the recovery. Similar to the fish game, the darts game is a great option as a warm up before tackling a tougher workout and is an effective way of moderating intensity as you ease your body into exercise. It is also a great way to get your mind into the right zone for training, helping you to maintain focus on good technique.

The Biathlon

 BIATHLONCOVER-366The Biathlon Game can be configured as a tough interval workout with home bodyweight reps added in to mix things up!

Concept2 had a lot of fun when setting up the biathlon game on the PM5. The biathlon takes its name from the notoriously tough cross-country ski event that combines grueling ski courses with target shooting. Particularly relevant to the SkiErg, but equally effective on the Indoor Rower, the Biathlon game replicates the biathlon events mixture of intense intervals and target accuracy. It really was designed to pair with actual target shooting- Concept2 HQ has its own range for locally based biathlon athletes- but for most it provides an opportunity to include other types of exercise within a row or ski workout. When entering the game set-up, select how long you want each interval to be, and how many intervals you want in total. At this stage you can also select if you would like to add a penalty, measured in time, that can be added to your intervals (more on that soon). After you row or ski your first interval, you will see two-time frames displayed: range time (time spent in between intervals) and elapsed time (total workout time). Use your range time to include different modes of exercise in your workout. You could include bodyweight exercises- press ups, core exercises, lunges or burpees, or if you have access to another C2 machine, you could set up biathlon intervals on that machine too and do both! Whatever you choose, be sure to set yourself a time limit for your ‘range time’ and when you get back on the rower note whether you have made it to begin the next interval within your time limit. If you miss your time restriction and are late to start, click the number of penalties you have incurred based on how late you were. When you reach the end of the set intervals, the game will calculate your averages for the interval periods and add an extra at the bottom to include any distance covered via penalties.

Using the biathlon game to set up your interval workout is a great way to design and mix up a solid, high intensity workout; while also adding new elements such as penalties to help keep your workout exciting. The Biathlon game (as with the other games we have mentioned here) provides an interesting way of engaging with your monitor to help you stay accountable to your workout and have some fun along the way. You can set up your biathlon game to be as tough as you like, so next time you have intervals on your agenda, give the Biathlon game a go!

Suggestions for range time exercises: Push-ups, core exercises, shuttle runs, skipping, burpees or lunges are great options for home training. Set yourself a time interval for each exercise (e.g. 1min) and be back on your machine and ready to go for your next interval to avoid a penalty.

Remember, when it comes to exercise something is always better than nothing.
Next time you find your motivation faltering, why not try a game?
If it is all you do that day, you will have managed to keep your training momentum going!