Top 4 Accessories to Boost Your Indoor Workout

Written by Concept2 NZ on July 10th, 2018.

We are over half-way through the cold, wet, dark time of the year that is winter, but there are still a few months to go before outdoor workouts become inviting again. To help keep your indoor-training spirits up we’ve put together a list of the Top 4 Indoor Workout Accessories to complement your session and keep the training momentum going!

Concept2 Smartphone Cradle

In previous posts, we have reviewed some of the Top Smartphone Training Apps that are compatible with the PM5 monitor- the performance monitor that comes standard with all new Concept2 machines. Among the apps, everything from enhanced performance data fields (ErgData) to virtual workout classes (LIVE Rowing, asensei) and even virtual reality exercise (ZWIFT) is on offer to add new dimensions to your stationary workout. To help you make the most of these technologies we recommend the Concept2 Smartphone cradle.

PM5 cradle 2571 clipped-358

The cradle is designed to fit almost all smartphones, and simply slots on top of your PM5 monitor, allowing you to follow your monitor screen and your phone simultaneously. Whether you prefer to follow an app, watch videos, or simply keep an eye out for calls and messages while you work out; the smartphone cradle is an easy-to-use accessory to help you stay connected while you train.

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Garmin Heart-Rate Strap

Training with the guidance of heart-rate can be a great way of measuring effort and exertion in your workout, as well as fitness progress and potential. The Concept2 PM5 monitor is both Bluetooth and ANT+ enabled, allowing it to receive heart-rate data from a range of different chest straps and display your heart-rate alongside other data fields on your screen as you row. We recommend the Garmin heart-rate chest strap, which not only works seamlessly with the PM5 but also features a comfortable, durable plastic strap that is easy to wash between workouts.

garmin heart rate strap

Heart-rate technology has progressed significantly over the last few years, with many brands (including Garmin) offering wrist-based heart-rate watches that no longer require a chest strap. While these watches can be used effectively on the BikeErg, we advise customers that wrist-based technology may not be as accurate for rowing, skiing or other sports that require significant use of the arms- so be sure to do your research before purchasing. Generally speaking, we recommend heart-rate chest straps’ as the most reliable heart-rate option for pairing with the Concept2 PM5 monitor, with the Garmin heart-rate strap an ideal solution.

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Concept2 Seat Pad

When it comes to seated indoor workout machines like the BikeErg and the Indoor Rower, having a comfortable seat to sit on can make a big difference to your enjoyment and perseverance throughout a workout. Seat comfort during exercise is highly variable from person to person, with physiology, posture, and technique all contributing to an overall sense of comfort. For this reason, we have included optional adjustments to the seats of these two seated machines, to ensure every user is able to achieve a comfortable set up.

In the case of the BikeErg, the seat post has been designed with saddle customization in mind. This means that you are able to remove the saddle entirely and replace it with the right saddle for you- simply choose from the array of options available from any good cycling retailer.

seat image-474

The Indoor Rower does not offer seat customization quite like the BikeErg, however, the Concept2 Indoor Rower Seat Pad offers a great way to improve the comfort of your existing seat. The seat pad is an easy-to-use foam pad, designed to place on the seat before you sit down to row. The beauty of the seat pad is not only its effectiveness in staving-off discomfort but also that it is both reusable and easy to throw in your gym bag, so you can use it again and again wherever you choose to row.

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Concept2 Floor Mat

The Concept2 floor mat is a versatile accessory designed to protect your machine (and your home) and complement your indoor rowing experience.

IMG 2773-308

For those who like to work up a sweat training at home, finding the right place to set up your Concept2 machine can take some thought. If protecting carpet from sweat is a concern, the Concept2 Floor Mat’s 4.5mm PVC rubber base provides the perfect solution. Likewise, if you find your Indoor Rower slips on the floor while you row, the grippy rubber of the Concept2 floor mat is a great option to eliminate slipping, allowing you to row as hard and fast as you like.

The Concept2 Floor Mat is a generous 250cm long and 80cm, the perfect fit for your Concept2 Indoor Rower- and doubles as an excellent yoga mat for those who like to stretch out after a rowing workout!

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