Which Exercise Personality Type Are You?

Written by Concept2 NZ on June 12th, 2018.

In previous posts to this blog, we have encouraged readers to consider that enjoying exercise is an important part of maintaining a consistent exercise program that will lead to lasting fitness results and long-term good health. We’ve looked at the different types of exercise, from long, steady training to short sharp HIIT workouts, to give you a starting point to explore different workouts that could be right for you.

Personality factors can also motivate different people towards different types of workouts and have an important role to play when it comes to narrowing down which workouts, or workout disciplines are right for you. Here we run through a selection of common exercise personalities, and how workouts on the Indoor Rower, SkiErg and BikeErg can be adapted to meet each personality’s individual needs.

The Competitive Type

For some, exercise is meaningless if you can’t measure yourself against something. Whether the opposition is a friend, rival, or even a robot; the test to be the best on any given day is what makes your workout worth it.

Whether you prefer the Indoor Rower, SkiErg or BikeErg, there are a number of ways to fuel your competitive drive…

Online Logbook

The online logbook is not only a great way of recording your progress (and wins!) but also a forum for competition. Concept2 posts regular challenges to the logbook webpage, giving you the chance to compete against others from all over the world. The Online Logbook is all complete with rankings in various different divisions for competitors across all three Concept2 machines, so you are never short of a goal to strive for- or a title to defend.

online logbook

LIVE Rowing App 

LIVE rowing brings the excitement and motivation of racing into your home or gym and connects you with other C2 rowers all around the world. The LIVE rowing app allows you to view and race against other people, set yourself goal times to chase, and build custom workouts to use and share (with the premium option). Workout packages from a range of notable athletes and coaches are also available- including one designed by MMA fighter, the notorious Conor McGregor.

For the super competitive, Indoor Rowing is a growing sport, and now has its very own World Championships. Click Here to check out what distances are raced at the worlds and compare your time to others in your age group- or even the overall winners.

The Indoor Rower and SkiErg are also a staple part of CrossFit, with a solid foundation in each discipline going a long way to preparing you for competition.

The Data-Focused Type

When it comes to gauging fitness, it can be very motivating to see a record of progress over time. For those who like to document and review their workouts there are plenty of options…

PM5 Monitor 

The PM5 performance monitor that comes standard on the Indoor Rower, SkiErg and BikeErg provides extensive workout feedback that is both live during your workouts, and able to be reviewed through your monitor display. The PM5 measures stroke data such as stroke rate, as well as output data in speed per 500m, power (watts) and energy consumed (calories). The PM5 is a high-performance data collection system that is complete with ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing it to communicate with heart rate monitors and third-party apps.

Erg Data app (Indoor Rower)
For those who like to view and record data to the highest level of detail, you can’t go past the Erg Data app. Erg Data both stores data and provides a live feed of feedback including extra units: stroke count, drive length, average force, drag factor, drive speed, peak force, and drive time. Use the data to monitor your performance, and to inform technique adjustments to ensure you get the most out of your row.

PM5 cradle 2571 clipped-790


Log Card and USB Stick

In addition to using the Erg Data app to record and store data, you can also use either a log card (PM4 monitor) or a USB stick. This will allow you to take your workout data with you from machine to machine, and review using third party software of your choice.

To make the most of data collection and get an accurate view of your workout progress takes consistency of exercise. You can also monitor your data to see if technical changes are having an impact on your speed and efficiency, or if you respond well to a certain type of workout (eg. intervals vs. steady-distance). Tracking data and progress can be very motivating, for those who like to see fitness results as well as experience them.

The Social Type

Exercising on your own is not for everyone. A team or group environment can lift spirits, entertain and even hold you accountable to a workout that you just don’t feel like doing. Believe it or not, there is a way to make an at home workout a social experience- even when you are the only one home…


BikeErg- Zwift

When it comes to spending time on the bike, cycling has built a whole sporting culture around sharing the ride, whether in a racing peloton, or a weekend ride with the odd coffee stop. Zwift is an app developed for indoor cycling, and compatible with the BikeErg’s PM5 monitor, that places you in a virtual cycling world allowing you to ride with, and against others from all over the world. All of the speed, distance and power references are based on you PM5 monitor, so you can accurately compare yourself to others if you want to. You can also chat to those you come across on your ride, making it a truly social exercise experience.

20170718 bharrewyn concept2 300dpi-114-107

Indoor Rowing Workout Apps

As mentioned above for ‘competitive types’ the LIVE rowing app connects you with other C2 rowers all around the world. The app allows you to view and race against other people, set yourself goal times to chase, and build custom workouts to use and share. With LIVE rowing you are part of a global training network, helping you to feel socially connected while you exercise. Another app on the way that can boost the social side of your rowing workout is asensei. Asensei allows you to join a virtual rowing class, and receive coaching based on the output of your PM5 monitor- find out more here!

In utilizing either of these workout apps, you can bring others along with you on your workout without having to even leave the house! While social sports teams and training groups may come and go seasonally, having an at-home workout option is an excellent way of ensuring your fitness continues to progress on your own terms, while enjoying the social connections that make group exercise fun.

The Zone-Out Type

For those on a busy schedule, making time for yourself to exercise can be especially difficult. Whether you’ve been in meetings all day, dealing with kids or caught up on the grind of a busy commute, taking the time to zone out while you exercise can be an excellent way to manage stress. Here are some options for those who want to maximize the calm of their session…

The BikeErg

The BikeErg offers several features to provide a workout that will help your mind and body reset. Cycling technique in itself is less complicated to coordinate than rowing or ski technique, making it easier to find a sustainable, consistent rhythm. The BikeErg does not involve the upper body (unless you are climbing) so you are free to turn the page of a book or follow a TV show while you exercise, combing other ‘me-time’ activities into your workout window of free-time. Unlike other bikes, the forward position of the flywheel on the BikeErg creates a pleasant draft as you pedal, giving you the sensation of a light breeze, and helping to keep you cool and relaxed. Finally, the BikeErg is fully customizable, so you can ensure you have a comfortable bike seat and the right set-up position.

The Flywheel

Studies show that repetitive, subtle sounds can have a relaxing, almost meditative effect on the mind. We often hear from customers who enjoy the wavy hum of the flywheel (central to all three Concept2 machines) for this very reason. Rowing, skiing or biking at a consistent cadence or stroke rate with the audible feedback of the machine, can make it easier for you to focus your energy on the workout at hand, without the distraction of external stress factors.

20170718 bharrewyn concept2 300dpi-106-333


One of the best things about the SkiErg is how easy it is to keep your head down and block out the outside world. The machine layout encourages a position where your focus is drawn to the PM5 monitor at approximately waist height, leaving very little room for visual distractions. Pair this stance with the meditative sound of the flywheel, or your favorite playlist in your ears, and you have an absorbing workout that will leave you feeling mentally refreshed and physically fulfilled.


Do you see yourself in any of these types on the list?
Perhaps you are a combination of more than one, or a different type on a different day of the week.

Give some of these workout adaptions a try based on how you are feeling ahead of your next workout to prioritize workout enjoyment and sustainability.