Waitlist FAQ's

When are you getting more stock?
We have containers arriving more frequently now. We still have a waitlist at the moment but an estimated wait time for:
RowErgs: 3-4 Months
BikeErgs: 3-4 Months
SkIErg: 2-3 Months 
Please complete our Waitlist form if you are wanting to purchase a machine. 


What products are Concept2 currently manufacturing?
Concept2 is currently making the black Model D RowErgs, BikeErgs, SkiErgs, and SkiErg Floor Stands.
All waitlist backorders are on a first-come, first-served basis.
We will email you when we have allocated an arriving machine to you.


When will Concept2 start making the Model E?
To streamline production, Concept2 is focusing on the Model D. 

Do I have to pay for the machine when I join the waitlist?
No, you don’t need to pay for the machine to join the waitlist. All invoices will be done a week before the machines arrive in New Zealand. You can remove yourself from the waitlist at any time.


Can I order RowErg, BikeErg, or SkiErg via the website?
No, all stock will be allocated and fulfilled to customers on our waitlist. If you order through the website your order will be deleted. You will only be able to purchase parts.


How long can I expect the machine to get to me?
Once you have paid for your allocated machine, we will send the machine via Mainfreight who we use to forward our freight.

North Island 4-6 working days
South Island 6-8 working days.
(Delivery times are only estimated as there can be delays in carriers)


What is the delivery cost?
All freight pricing is calculated at cost depending on the address you provide to us. We will only be calculating freight for allocated orders at the time of invoicing.


Can I come to the office to pick up an order when the machines are available?
Yes, if you live locally or are wanting to travel to our warehouse in Mount Maunganui you are more than welcome to do this as soon as your allocated machine becomes available.


If I come to your showroom can I purchase a machine?
No, all machines have been allocated to the customers on our waitlist. No machines will be sold to walk-in customers.