Kids Distance Clubs

Join one of our Kids Distance Clubs.

The emphasis is on participation not competition. Start with the distance that corresponds to your age group and work up from there. You'll earn a certificate and a pin as you complete each level.

6 YRS & UNDER - 5,000 METRES

7-8 YRS - 10,000 METRES

9-10 YRS - 20,000 METRES

11-12 YRS - 40,000 METRES

13-14 YRS - 100,000 METRES

How do I join?

Record your metres every time you row. When you reach the distance send us a copy of the first and last pages of your logbook signed by a witness for verification along with your name, age and address

Does it matter how long it takes me?

No. The goal is to finish - it doesn't matter how long it takes you.

Can I count my first club metres towards my second award?

No. These clubs are designed to be started from zero meters each time until you get to the 100,000 meter club, when you can total all of the meters you've rowed since the beginning!
Keep Motivated - Join the Kids Distance Clubs
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Sending training log via post
Post your training log which has been signed off by a reliable witness to: Concept2 New Zealand Ltd, PO Box 5571, Mount Maunganui, 3150
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