Top 10 Tips - RowErg Confidently

We know it can be challenging to get onto the Rowing Machine- Let us help you. Watch the Youtube video above for some technique advice and enjoy our top 10 tips to row confidently!

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Emma Twigg 2k PB!

Emma Twigg has recently smashed her personal best time for the challenging 2000m sprint on the Concept2 Indoor Rower. She isn't here to mess around- to follow her progress and check out her latest 2k subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check it out here!

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Cleaning your Concept2 Equipment

Whether you are exercising from a club, gym, public space or in the safety of your own homw. Ensure you are cleaning your Concept2 equipment properly

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There are no magic fixes for injuries, but taking care to treat and manage your exercise injury properly can accelerate the recovery process.

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Health & Fitness

Whether you are exercising to lose weight, gain muscle, train for sport, or simply maintain a healthy active lifestyle; what you eat plays a huge role in your success, sustainability, and energy levels.

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Monitors & Accessories

The PM5 Monitor is a feature of all Concept2 machines, and offers a wide range of functions to help keep your workout interesting, motivating and relevant to your goals.

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Understanding Rowing Technique: Catch, Drive & Finish

We break down three key components of the active rowing stroke, to help you find technical efficiency and speed on the indoor rower...

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What is a Good Target Split on the Indoor Rower?

Whether you use the Concept2 Indoor Rower for exercise, training for sport, or in preparation for a CrossFit or Indoor Rowing competition, you will no doubt have tried to work out what a good 500m split to target would be for you...

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Making Sense of Drag Factor and Resistance on the Indoor Rower

Here at Concept2 we are often asked the question- what drag factor should I be rowing on? While it would be convenient to give a one-size-fits-all answer, the adjustable resistance on the flywheel allows for a variety of different settings, for a variety of different people and purposes.

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