Hamish Bond- Professional Athlete

Hamish Bond is a 2 x Olympic Gold Medallist and 8 x World Champion Rower. He has set a legacy in the sport which will be hard pressed to replicate with his team Mate, Eric Murray, who amassed an unprecedented, 69 consecutive race victories.


After their last win at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the pair went their separate ways with Murray Retiring and Hamish moving to a stint on the bike, looking for a new challenge. This challenge was not in any way unrewarding with Hamish winning national titles in the Time Trial, along with an Oceania Title and Commonwealth Games, Bronze Medal.


After weighing up his options, Hamish decided to return to his first passion and re-join the NZ Rowing Team to pursue his 4th Appearance at the Olympic Games, at Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

His road will not be easy as after changing his physiology and body shape from a rower to a cyclist, he now has to switch back and build his body the rowing physique which in the past has enabled him to become one of history’s finest rowers.

"After a few years on the bike, i've had to try and build some upper body strength, and also keep the fitness up.So having a SkiErg is a great addition to the program"- Hamish Bond


Rhys Carter- New Zealand Motocross

"I have recently recovered from a broken tibia and ankle. I have been using the rower and BikeErg to help with my recovery. They both help with range of motion in my ankle and also help build strength back up in my legs to help with the healing process."

Rhys lives in the beautiful Bay of Plenty and has been racing a motorbike since he was 3 years old where I started out a Yamaha PW50. He won his first championship at the age of 5 and since that day he has been at the top of my sport. It is a sport that he have loved since day one and nothing has changed over the last 26years. He have been fortunate enough to race all over the world and represent New Zealand at the biggest races for our sport. He is currently riding for Yamaha New Zealand on a YZ450f in the premier class.

“I love all the concept 2 machines, they are the only machines I can use that replicate riding a motorbike. They are a piece of equipment that I use daily and now that I have them I would be lost without them.”


Cody Everson- Wheelchair Rugby

Cody is based in Christchurch and is a highly respected player for the New Zealand Wheel Blacks team (Wheel chair rugby). He is fast becoming well known internationally as the best player in his classification (1.0).

Cody was only 15-years-old when he sustained a spinal injury
from a rugby tackle in a game of 1st XV. As a result, he is a
tetraplegic as he is paralysed from the chest down meaning he
has lost use of his legs and has limited movement in his hands and arms.

After five months in rehabilitation at Burwood Hospital in Christchurch, Cody was determined to get back into sport. He started playing wheelchair rugby with the Canterbury Wheelchair Rugby Club in 2012. Just three years later he was selected for the New Zealand Wheel Blacks. He’s since travelled across the world playing in various international tournaments picking up MVP awards.

Four years on at just 23, Cody is now the captain of the Wheelblacks and is looking at leading the team to the 2020 Paralympics. With an upcoming qualifier in Korea in October this will be the biggest tournament yet.

Cody is an avid advocate of improving spinal services and supporting people with spinal cord injuries in the community.

Cody also does motivational speaking and wheelchair rugby tutorials for the community, particularly in schools.

He also dedicates a lot of free time at the prison where he shares his story and communicates with inmates trying to better themselves upon their release into society.