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Our New Concept2 SkiErg arrived the other day, Well package with quick delivery, The SkiErg was very easy to set-up, great instructions without the need for any other tools. Had never tried the SkiErg before buying one, it just looked like the right piece of equipment that would compliment the Concept2 RowErg.
Although only have used the SkiErg for a few days, its an outstanding piece of equipment, I have discovered new pain, the type of pain you want from a good workout. The kind that calls you back to the Erg, Just Like the RowErg, I can see that the SkiErg will be as addictive as the RowErg.

-Tim Asquith


My SkiErg has been one of the greatest additions to my training as a professional and Olympic cross country skier. My favorite part is that it is so simple to get in a great workout, no matter the time of day, or the time of year. While skiing outdoors is my favorite form of training, there are a lot of days of the year that I can't do my "favorite" for a variety of reasons. Some of these situations include injury, too cold or icy, it is summer, darkness, or you just aren't motivated to get out the door. My own personal SkiErg has meant that I can quite literally roll out of bed, turn on some super loud music, get in my zone, and bang out a fantastic workout! Some of my favorite ways to make workouts effective are to design a "session" beforehand. Set a goal, rather than just SkiErging mindlessly. That can be intervals, speeds, or even just focusing on single arm or technique cues. Other methods include watching a World Cup video or a race while erging. Surge when they surge, rest when they rest. And finally, bring a friend. Maybe someone to talk to, or even a cell phone to connect with someone while you are training. Using the buddy system is never overrated.
-Sadie Bjornsen, 2014/2018 Olympian, World Championship Bronze Medalist, 7-year National Team Member, 10-time World Cup Medalist, 5-time National Champion

The SkiErg is the best alternative training for rowing, with the same rhythm and engaging muscles in a very similar way. It is also an excellent supplemental exercise, strengthening core muscles and providing a cardiovascular workout at the same time. I would wholeheartedly recommend every rowing center or club to get hold of a SkiErg. Every rower, whether elite or recreational, can greatly benefit from this exercise.
Zbigniew Andruszkiewicz
I was in Wisconsin last month attending a roller ski clinic, and the very first day we were lined up to do a three minute time trial on the SkiErg. I had heard of your machine but had never seen one. I went first and quickly found out how awesome your machine is. When I finally caught my breath, the first words out of my mouth were, "I need to get one of those!" I’m shooting for 2:45 this year (at the Birkebeiner) and the SkiErg is going to be my not-so-secret weapon.
-Todd Brown

I would recommend the Concept2 SkiErg to anyone in any type of fitness or training facility. First of all, the workout is unbelievably challenging, no matter how good a shape you are in. Your upper body, core, legs, and lungs get an amazing workout. The small footprint and mobility of the unit make it versatile for small group training or in our cardio machine lineup. In an era of very expensive cardio machines, the SkiErg is a fifth of the cost of a traditional treadmill and much more beneficial to train on.
The SkiErg is one of the best buys we have made as a club.
-Sean Gale

Through the course of owning my SkiErg, I feel like I have made a great jump in my upper body fitness, and I can't wait to put it to the test on snow!
-Kikkan Randall, 4-time Olympian, US Cross Country Ski Team

I’ve been meaning to write you this note for a while. I used my SkiErg a TON through my pregnancy. It was one of the only upper body/core/cardio exercises I could do comfortably with my growing belly. I was able to do it until just a couple days before I gave birth. Now I’m just two weeks post-delivery and hopped on the SkiErg again today for the first time. It felt great.

The SkiErg is a valuable part of my training both for CrossFit and for other sports. Aside from being in a pool, building upper body stamina without any external loading is a difficult task. The motor recruitment pattern of hip flexing, followed by shoulder extension is also hard to train with other movements. Because of this, training on a SkiErg is a great compliment to training with a Concept2 Indoor Rower or an Air Bike.
For CrossFit workouts, the SkiErg can be a devastating tool to applying intensity to workouts because the movement function pairs very well with so many other movements, such as squats, presses, pulls from the floor, and so on. It also provides another training stimulus, which will equate to a more well-rounded athlete.
As an athlete who has suffered through a couple of injuries, using the SkiErg also provides an excellent way of minimizing impact on the low back and knees. Nobody wants to lose aerobic capacity which is hard earned.
—CrossFit Verve
—CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff
-Matt Chan CF-L4, CrossFit Verve, CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff

The SkiErg is a great tool for working on ski technique. I use it to practice short, medium and long styles of poling. I also use it to develop a strong, activated core position that I can maintain while skiing. Once I figure out how to make a new element of ski technique "click" by using the SkiErg, it becomes easy to apply the change on snow. I have become a more efficient skier over the last few years thanks to the SkiErg.
-Susan Dunklee, US Biathlon Team Member and Sochi Oympian, World Cup Silver and Bronze Medalist


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