Commercial Gym Equipment in Wellington

At Concept2, we can provide you with a wide range of high quality commercial gym equipment in Wellington. We are the top contender for producing the best indoor rowing machine in the industry. We have been operating since 1993 and have distributors located in most Western countries, with the head office and private owners of Concept2 Inc residing in the United States, and we have been in business for 40 years. See us for commercial gym equipment in Wellington.

We are best known for our air resistant indoor rowing machines (or ergometers). Our indoor rowing machines are the best in the industry and are considered the standard for training and testing at a competitive level. Our indoor rowing machines are used for testing by competitive rowers competing at a national level. Our products are designed to provide a safe workout that uses every major muscle group.

Our Model D and Model E rowers are both durable and provide an effective workout. The Model D rower is competently engineered and is a worldwide bestseller. It is recognised by professional rowers as the benchmark for indoor training because it delivers an effective cardio workout and feels so similar to actual conditions. Model E is a luxurious machine with an aesthetically pleasing design. From a practical perspective, its 20-inch frame means that it is easier to get on and off even for those with limited mobility.

Our SkiErg is a ski ergometer that uses the same mechanical concept as our indoor rowers. However, the user remains in a standing position and emulates the double-pole technique found in Nordic skiing. With each pull, the arms, shoulders, core and legs are engaged for a total body workout. Similarly, our BikeErg uses the same features of our rowing machines - the flywheel uses air resistance to create a quiet, smooth ride.

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