The Benefits of Our SkiErg Professional Ski Strength Training Machine for Commercial Use in NZ

If you want to make your gym more appealing to potential customers, you might consider purchasing the same equipment professional athletes use. Even if you’re trying to build a home gym that’s just as good as commercial one, you won’t regret purchasing one of our Concept2 ski strength training machines, which can help you build muscle strength, boost your fitness levels and much more. If you want to purchase what’s arguably one of the best commercial ski machines in the world, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re proud to be the authorised dealer for Concept2 products in NZ because it’s a brand that’s earned international praise for over 40 years. In addition to our SkiErg ski strength training machine, we also sell indoor rowers that are the industry standard for professional training and testing. Efficiently engineered, our commercial gym equipment almost guarantees to last a lifetime, and we offer two-year warranties on all parts and five-year warranties on frames.

We have two SkiErg models available: The SkiErg PM5 – Wall Mount and the SkiErg 2 Floor stand, ensuring we have a suitable solution for the available space in your gym. The wall-mounted PM5 comes complete with a monitor that displays strokes per minute, heart rate, calories burned, distance travelled and more, adding a competitive element of fun to what’s a highly beneficial exercise. Call us or read below to learn more about our professional ski machine in NZ.

Why Your Customers Will Love Our Ski Strength Training Machine

Just some of the reasons why our machines are best-sellers across the world include:

  • Work all your muscle groups

With each pull of the handles that emulate the Nordic double-pole skiing technique, you’ll work your core, arms, shoulders, and legs, making it a full-body workout that builds strength and endurance.

  • Heal faster with a low-impact workout

Our SkiErg ski strength training machine places little strain on your bones, joints and ligaments, minimising the risk of injury. It’s also ideal for those recovering from injuries.

  • Perfect your technique for the slopes

Many customers have reported the benefits of using our professional ski machine to prepare for the real slopes, which is just one reason why it’s so widely used by athletes for training and testing.

  • Build strength for a variety of sports

Whatever your sport, the SkiErg by Concept2 is advantageous. You can use your machine to build strength and stamina to improve your game, whether it’s rowing, football, rugby, or skiing.

Order Your SkiErg Ski Strength Training Machine Today

The Concept2 SkiErg is arguably one of the best machines on the market, found in homes and gyms all over the world as well as in NZ. Whether you want to bolster your commercial gym’s offering or perfect your home fitness regime, the SkiErg is ideal for you. We offer high-value prices, exceptional guarantees, and speedy deliveries. Plus, should you ever have problems with your machine, we can repair it using quality OEM parts. If you want to order a SkiErg or have any questions about its numerous benefits, call us on 0800 769 464.