The Slide is an accessory for all models of Indoor Rowers which adds the on-water feel to Indoor Rowing. It consists of a base with two tracks and a carriage with wheels that run on the tracks. Light bungee cord tension keeps the carriage centred on the base. It takes two Slides to “float” an Indoor Rower – one Slide for the front leg and one for the back leg.

Development of the Concept2 Slide concentrated on a way to allow our current Indoor Rower owners to use their machines in a team setting consisting of a simple and easy to maintain track and carriage system, the Slide means that the Indoor Rower will move back and forth under the person rowing, adding an authentic on-water dimension to indoor rowing.


When set up as a sliding single, the Indoor Rower moves back and forth under the person rowing, rather than the other way around.

This is much more like the feel one experiences when rowing on the water. You get a quicker catch and you can row at a higher stroke rate because only the mass of the Indoor Rower is being moved, rather than that of the person rowing.

The Single Rower Slide will work on Models A, B, C, D and E. Space needed for an Indoor Rower on a pair of Slides: 3.65m x 1.2m.


When set up as a sliding team boat, not only does it feel more like rowing on the water, but there is also the added benefit of being compelled to row together as a team. This should be a great training tool for team-boat coaches to use during the off-water season.

To create a team boat, add one more Slide for each additional Indoor Rower you wish to link.
The Team Boat Slide will work only on Models C, D and E.

Note: That you will probably sweat more at a given output level on the Concept2 Slides because your body is stationary. This means there is little air movement around you to evaporate perspiration. For one Indoor Rower, 2 xConcept2 Slides are required, add 1 x Slide for every Indoor Rower added for a team boat.