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When you buy a Concept2 oar, you invest in our tradition of performance, passion, innovation and support, and we are committed to ensuring that you receive our best effort, every time. Let our best effort be part of your best effort the next time you push off from the dock.

For Concept2 founders Peter and Dick Dreissigacker, rowing is a lifelong passion and engineering is a way of life. This union of passion and analysis drives our founding principles:

  • To promote and encourage the growth of rowing, indoor and out.
  • To design, manufacture, sell and service unique products of high quality and value.

In a race, you work with every stroke to accelerate your boat toward the finish line with efficiency and power. Dreissigacker oars aid you in that effort, with an ideal blend of strength, hydrodynamic efficiency and light weight.Back in 1977 we brought carbon oars to the rowing community, leading the movement away from the wooden oars of the day. Our development of the Big Blade in 1992 shocked the rowing world into changing the way it looked at blade design, and has influenced the shape of blades ever since. More recent work has fine-tuned the hydrodynamics of the Big Blade and resulted in the development of the Smoothie and Fat Blades. Concept2 continues to influence the shape of blades as the Dreissigacker brothers build on their committment to design and build the best racing oars in the word.If you’re rowing for fitness and pleasure, you’ll appreciate the fact that our oars are engineered for ease of handling, durability and comfort.

More Efficient Blades: We encourage you to study the path of the blade through the water, and we invite you to review our analysis of the factors affecting blade efficiency. You can also read about the testing methods we have used over the years to refine our blade designs. We encourage you to run speed tests for yourself or your crews and find out which blade design works best for you. Contact us about Sweep oars and Sculling oars and how to go about selecting the best oar for you at sales@concept2.co.nz.

Our new Sweep and Scull Ordering Guides are designed to help you select the oar or scull specifications that meet your needs. The most universally appropriate specifications are highlighted in bold type. These specifications will be suitable for most situations.


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We would love to help you with any Oar/ Scull queries, please Contact Us today!
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