When you buy Concept2 Sculls, you invest in a tradition of performance, passion, innovation and support. We are committed to ensuring that you receive our best effort, every time.

All Concept2 oars are proudly manufactured in the Concept2 International factory in Morrisville, USA. Each and every oar is scrutinized under a comprehensive quality control process, ensuring that your order is fulfilled to the highest of production standards. Read on to find out more about Concept2 Scull technology, including shaft and blade options and pricing

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Our range of scull options reflects our dedication to providing top quality equipment for rowers of all abilities.

In selecting the right Concept2 sculls for yourself or your crew, you will need to consider the three fundamental parts of the oar: the shaft, the blade and the handle/grip.

The Shaft

When selecting the shaft of your sculls, it is important to consider weight, durability, profile and flexibility.

Our Sculling Shaft options:


Our standard lightweight shaft, the ultralight is a staple across all levels of rowing and racing. Made from carbon fiber, the ultralight has all the durability you need for training, with the high-performance design for racing.


Offering a smaller diameter shaft, the skinny has a lower profile for extra efficiency against wind resistance. Made from high modulus carbon fiber, the skinny has a softer flex while maintaining the same long-lasting durability you can expect from all Concept2 oars.

Low I:

Our lightest shaft to date, the Low I shaft combines ultralight design with high modulus carbon in both the shaft and blade, enabling a significant weight reduction. The result is a scull with an extremely low swing weight, enabling greater agility and responsiveness. Particularly effective for scullers who prefer a higher stroke rate, the Low I is built for racing and is less resistant to impact damage than our other shaft options.

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  The Blade

When selecting the blade of your oar it is important to consider surface area, feel at the catch, and handling in the water.

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smoothie vortex sc-300-919

smoothie fat vortex sc-666-600

Smoothie2 Plain Edge:

First developed in 1996 and refined in 2006 to its current form, the Smoothie2 plain edge broke the boundaries of traditional wooden blades and has become established as the benchmark of Concept2 blade innovation. Featuring greater surface area at the tip, and curvature for increased depth control; the smoothie2 provides a sharp feel at the catch and stability in the water. The smoothie2 plain edge is the precursor to the Smoothie2 Vortex Edge and Fat2 blades.


Blade Length: 46 cm

Width at Tip: 21.5 cm, Broadest Point: 21.5cm

Smoothie2 Vortex Edge:

Development of the Vortex Edge began in 2000, with the goal of improving blade efficiency and connection at the beginning of the drive. The Vortex Edge tapers the tip of the smoothie2 blade and adds a vortex-generating strip, resulting in a firmer feel at the beginning of the drive, with the same reliable depth control associated with the plain edge blades. The smoothie2 Vortex Edge is particularly effective when used with larger catch angles.


Blade Length: 46 cm

Width at Tip: 16.5 cm, Broadest Point: 21.5 cm

Fat Smoothie2:

Our largest blade, the Fat smoothie2 with Vortex edge provides even greater purchase and efficiency in the water. The Fat2 blade is designed to be used with considerably shorter overall oar length than our other blades, with the large surface area of the blade providing the pressure as opposed to an extended oar angle. The blade shape and curvature follow the same proven design principles of the Smoothie2 Vortex Edge, giving the Fat2 blade the same excellent stability and depth control of it’s smaller predecessors.


Blade Length: 46 cm

Width at Tip: 16.5 cm, Width Broadest Point: 23 cm



The compact blades of the bantam sculls are our latest in affordable blade technology. Made from injection molded polypropylene, the compact is designed to maintain the same weight and balance as our ultralight racing sculls, resulting in a set of blades that are both efficient and cost-effective. Featuring comparable width to both the Smoothie2 and Fat2 blades, but with a 10cm reduction in length; the compact blades are nimble and easy to handle, with a responsive connection at the catch. While the compacts do not quite retain the stiffness of our other carbon fiber composite blades, they are both durable and easy to replace, making them the perfect learning scull for schools and clubs alike.

Bantam Sculls are available as standard with a medium Ultralight shaft and 5cm adjustable handle.

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The Handle

All Concept2 Sculls come with an adjustable carbon handle, complete with 5cm length adjustment system.

Our length adjustment system has been developed to make changes in scull length a quick and easy process. Our adjustable handles comprise a bonded composite shaft with a structural outside grip that is capable of 5cm of adjustment range. The grip is keyed to the handle to prevent rotation, and measurement settings are indicated in centimeters over the 5cm range to provide a built-in guide to length adjustment.

Choosing the right grip often comes down to the correct diameter for your hand size, and personal preference. We offer a range of grip options to suit all.

Blue Cellular:

Soft feel with a firm, sponge-like texture.

35mm diameter

Green Rubber:

Firm, smooth texture. Durable and easy to clean.

Available in thin, medium and thick outside hand diameter options:

- Thin: 32mm

- Medium: 34.5mm

- Thick: 37mm

Microfiber Suede:

Smooth, comfortable grip that is easy on the hands. Inexpensive to replace, no tools required.

Available in thin and thick outside hand diameter options:

- Thin: 32mm

- Thick: 34.5mm

Contoured Orange Rubber:

Radial finger sized contours and brushed texture.

Firm and durable.

Diameter: 33.5mm

Ice Blue Rubber and Azure Blue Rubber:

Firm feel with longitudinal ribs, easy to clean.

Ice Blue Diameter: 33.5mm

Azure Blue Diameter: 36mm

Black Rubber:

Firm Rubber texture, doesn’t show dirt.

Diameter: 35mm


Bare Core:Intended to be used with a grip, we offer the bare handle to enable you to use your own preferred grip. Diameter: 30mm.


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dark blue rubber sc-548

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Please note, prices are per set of sculls and are GST exclusive.
Ultralight Any Blade Any Grip $900
Low I  Any Blade Any Grip $1000
Skinny Any Blade Any Grip $1150



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