Stretching is an essential part of any workout. It promotes the elasiticity of the muscles, ensuring that they are capable of performing the training tasks you set them, without fear of injury. However, before doing any stretches it’s important to warm the muscles up. We recommend a few minutes gentle rowing before you start stretching. Then, after the main body of your workout and cool down you should complete the session with a second series of stretches.

It takes time to make significant progress with stretching exercises. So, start by selecting just a few simple exercises to begin stretching each muscle group. Then, very gradually, increase the number of stretches and condition the muscles to greater degrees of stretch.

This comprehensive, easy to follow guide will help you avoid injury, and over time help you become more flexible.
Hip flexors ad quads-341

Place the right hand behind your neck. Use the left hand to apply stretch through the right elbow by gently pulling the elbow behind the head.
Neck Extensors:

Flex the chin to the chest.
Neck Flexors:

Tip the head back.
Neck Flexors:

Tip the head back.
Trunk Stretch:

Sit with feet apart, stretch right arm up towards the ceiling and over to the left.

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